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Cross Border Service

Pembina Parcel Forwarding: U.S. Shipping Address, Customs Clearance and Daily Deliveries to and from Pembina, ND


Our Cross Border Service with U.S. shipping address for Canadians provides an affordable option for Canadians shopping online. An affordable option for E-Bay Purchases to be shipped to Canada. Save money on purchases shipping to Canada. Our Pembina, ND parcel service provides Canadians a U.S. shipping address to take advantage of discounted rates or even free shipping.

Quite often U.S. businesses will provide FREE shipping on orders sent within the U.S. the larger the order, the more money you save by using a U.S. shipping address.

Ship from Menards, Target, E-Bay, Tire Rack, Amazon and many more!

Once your shipment has arrived at our Pembina, ND shipping address, we will clear your shipment through customs and deliver to Winnipeg, MB. A simple shipping solution that helps Canadian customers avoid high international shipping fees!

***Our warehouse in Pembina, ND delivers parcels daily to Winnipeg, MB***

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